3AA / 150lm / 13h

Aluminium Task Light, Dual Illumination for Both Inspection & Directional Lighting

Available in 1 colour
  • Area illumination
  • directional illumination
series line up
  • Magnet Application
  • Dual Illumination - Inspection & Directional Lighting
  • Side Light- Luxeon Rebel ES White LED - Up to 180 Lumens- 3500 Lux at 50cm- Wide Angle Collimator - Ideal for Inspection Purpose or Area Lighting
  • Front Light- XP-E Cree White LED - Up to 150 Lumens- Multi-facets Reflector for Smoothing Beam
  • Smart Task Light Mount with Built-in Magnet & Hanging Hook for Hands-free Operation
  • Rubberized Body to Enhance Secured Grip & Impact Resistance
  • Colour Cones for Occasional Lighting [Optional]- For Signaling- Project Area Lighting
  • Regulated Circuit
  • Water Resistant
  • Operation

    [Press OFF if stays at any mode over 3 seconds]

  • Battery Type

    3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries [Included]

  • Bulb Type

    Side Light 1 x Luxeon Rebel ES White LED
    Front Light 1 x XP-E Cree White LED

  • Accessories

    Task Light Mount with Built-in Magnet & Hanging Hook [Included]
    Frosted, Red or Yellow Cone [RP0149, Order Separately]

  • Size

    40mm x 190mm

  • Weight

    317g [With Batteries]

SIDE LIGHT 180 LUMENS 850cd 55m 4h
FRONT LIGHT 150 LUMENS 6500cd 150m 13h