Li-ion / 125lm / 3h

125-lumen Rechargeable COB Work Light, Truly Handy Dual Illumination Tool for Everyday Work

Available in 1 colour
  • top light on
  • front light on
magnetic attachment
  • Recharge by Micro USB
  • Rotatable head
  • Dual Illumination – Inspection & Directional Lighting
  • Side Light – COB LED up to 125 Lumens, Ideal for Inspection Lighting
  • Front Light –High Power White LED up to 35 Lumens, Ideal for Directional Lighting
  • Built-in Adjustable Stand with Magnets for Hands-free Operation
  • Aluminium Frame gives Superior Quality & Protection
  • Direct Plug to Recharge by Micro USB
  • LED Indicator shows Charging Status
  • Built-in Metal Hook for Easy Attachment
  • Free Projection Angle & 180° Swivel Head (also please see if we can do the below sub-photo illustration)
  • LED Indicator shows Charging Status
  • Circuit Protection prevents Battery from Over-charging or Over-discharging
  • 2m Drop-proof
  • IP64 Dust Proof & Water resistant
  • Operation


  • Battery Type

    Built-in 1 x 3.7V 800mAh 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery [Included]

  • Charging Info

    1.5hrs Charging Time [DC5V 500mA Input]
    Red LED Indicator ON – Charging
    Green LED Indicator ON – Fully Charged

  • Battery Cycle

    300 cycles (Reserves ~80% Capacity after 300 cycles)

  • Bulb Type

    1 x White COB LED
    1 x Seoul Semi Y11 White LED

  • Accessory

    Micro USB Cable [Included]

  • Size

    220mm x 30mm x 37mm

  • Weight

    133g [With Battery]

FRONT LIGHT 35 Lumens 13cd 7m 5h
SIDE LIGHT LOW (COB) 42 Lumens 20cd 9m 10h
SIDE LIGHT HIGH (COB) 125 Lumens 60cd 15m 3h